Monday 15/11/2021

Fourball Alliance

1st – Keith Hales, Keith Rieseberg, Kevin Shaw, Paul Mills 100pts

2nd – Frank McKenna, Gerhard Krugel, Johan Van Rensburg, Peter Ireland 99pts

3rd – Graham Cashmore, Hugh Paine, Johan Van Der Walt, Rob Scott 98pts



1st – Paul Mills 46pts

2nd – Johan Van der Walt 39pts

3rd – Phillip Aitken 38pts o.c.o

2 Clubs:

12th-Harry Van Zyl

Nearest the pin:

6th – Peter Ireland

18th – Ian Catt


Tuesday School 16/11/2021


1st – Charles Rostance 41pts o.c.o

2nd – Vic Mare 41pts o.c.o

3rd – Gerard Koenig 38pts o.c.o

4th – Noel French 38pts o.c.o

5th – Tony Barnard 37pts o.c.o

6th – George Haynes 37pts o.c.o

2 Clubs:

Quinton Oswald, Ian Ross


Wednesday POB’s 17/11/21

1st – Des Schafer, Johan Van Der Walt, Pieter Swart, Sandy Jones 97pts

2nd – Brian Merchant, George Haynes, Heinz Niebuhr, Joe Hulland 95pts

3rd – Hylton Whyte, Maurice Descroizilles, Mike Macey, Tom Prentice 94pts


Thursday Ladies 18/11/21

Blind Combined

1st – Marthie Horn & Sue Conlan 71pts

2nd – Sue Ellis & Leanna Dynan 69pts

3rd – Caryl Legassick & Shirley O’Halloran 66pts o.c.o

4th – Fiona Crago & Charmaine Le Vieux 66pts o.c.o

5th – Jenny Ward & Lianna Van Der Merwe 65pts

2 Clubs: 

6th hole – Marthie Horn & Frances Tremearne


Friday Meat Comp 19/11/21

Front nine

1st – Rob Preston 20pts

2nd – Mark Kay-Clough 19pts

3rd – Niel Bushell 16pts

Back nine

1st – Graham Martin 20pts o.c.o

2nd – Paul Nilsen 20pts o.c.o

3rd – Arthur Keagel 19pts


Saturday 20/11/21

Fourball Alliance Sponsored by XPANDA And Garage Door Supplies

1st – Don Speirs, Carolynne Speirs, Stuart Low, Aileen Peacock 89pts

2nd – Jose Mandim, Brian Sinclair, Sandy Jones, Garth Strong 86pts

3rd – Werner Haupt, Graham Durrheim, Mike Mead, Mike Macey 85pts

4th – Dave Cousens, Victor Wright, Paul Mills, Don Carter-Brown 84pts